IT Systems as a Service - ITaaS

IT Systems as a Service - ITaaS

IT Systems as a Service integrates all the basic IT systems needed to manage business processes, their support and management services.

bitsec offers hosting, support and management of existing systems within ITaaS services in an high sustainabile and EU standards compliant environment. The main concern of organizations should be their core business and less time and resources devoted to managing IT services and processes which they will be able to achieve as a result of bitsec services.

With ITaaS services you will be able to increase employee productivity, reduce costs and pay only according to the resources consumed:

  • You will use the Service and will not have to invest to purchase computer or software licenses;
  • With a constantly updated IT system, equipment and services package, you will be able to reduce IT risks.

ITaaS service fee is paid monthly according to the number of employees of the company and the systems included in the chosen ITaaS service package. This payment model will allow you to change the service package according to the needs of your business, both in terms of components and the number of employees, and pay only the corresponding cost of the services used. Which naturally provides significant cost optimization.

The ITaaS service package we offer includes the following basic IT services:

  • Corporate Network Management;
  • E-mail;
  • Shared File Storage;
  • VoIP Telephony;
  • Security Management;
  • Anti-Virus Protection;
  • Support for end-user operating systems, computers and peripherals (Desktop Support)
  • Remote Working Environment (Remote Desktop Services);
  • Backup;

Staff Trainings.