Phishing as a Service - PhaaS

Phishing as a Service – PhaaS

About 40% of the world’s cyberattacks are phishing. As it turns out, phishing is the first step in a chain of attacks that is commonly used to spread malware, such as ransomware or key logger. Often low human resource awareness and competence within the organization is one of the biggest challenges in managing attacks. Thus, it is recommended that organizations periodically carry out employee awareness and training activities. The “Phishing as a Service” PhaaS (PhaaS) service is designed to raise awareness and acquire basic knowledge.

bitsec helps you improve the resilience of your employees and the organization as a whole to phishing attacks. As part of PhaaS, bitsec will gradually send “phishing” E-mails to your employees and assesses the increase in awareness and competence of people – when they will be able to detect “phishing attacks”.

In order to protect the anonymity of employees and other confidential information, a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) will be signed. In addition, all sensitive data that will become known to bitsec during the test / simulation will be covered by the NDA. Aware of the complexity of this issue, our team takes full responsibility for the difficulties encountered during phishing simulations, which will allow your organization to continue to operate core business safely.

Through the PhaaS service, company employees will gain knowledge on how to detect and respond to phishing emails..

Bitsec bitsec offers the full range of functional services needed to run a phishing campaign:

  • Phishing Scenario Planning;
  • Identify Target Audience;
  • Infrastructure Preparation;
  • Conduct Phishing Attack;
  • Conduct Corresponding Training;
  • Preparation of final Report and Statistics.

Based on the consolidated results, the target audience will be trained on cyber hygiene issues, which will focus on “phishing threats”.