Security Operation Centre as a Service - SOCaaS

Security Operation Centre as a Service - SOCaaS

With the development of Cloud Computing, businesses have faced new security challenges and the need to address them quickly and efficiently. bitsec together with strategic partners offers a high level of security service. SOC as a service is designed for organizations that want to get instant information about what is happening in their internal network infrastructure as well as in cloud systems. As a result, through our service you will be able to respond immediately to impending threats.

What does SOC-as-a-Service mean?  

SOC – considers the services of the Managed Security Operations Center, within which we, together with representatives of leading security organizations, will use cloud technologies to provide you with information about illegitimate events in your infrastructure.

bitsec SOCaaS focuses on identifying potential threats to corporate networks, such as events as well as subjects (including hackers, malware, employees who knowingly or unknowingly seek out confidential information that is not intended for them). With the help of our international partners and the high level of security tools developed by them, we enable Georgian companies to significantly enhance the level of security of their infrastructure.

Among our services are:

  • Respond to computer incidents and support the incident management process;
  • Web Application penetration testing;
  • Internal and external network infrastructure audit;
  • Network devices configuration audit;
  • Phishing simulation service;
  • Cloud technology-based anti-spam service;
  • Cloud technology-based WAF service;
  • Local or cloud-based Firewall / IPS service;
  • Cloud technology-based EndPoint protection service;
  • Cloud technology-based Mobile device management system;
  • Cloud technology-based SIEM system;
  • Cloud technology-based Safe DNS service;
  • Awareness rising trainings;
  • Information Security Incident Insurance Service;